It’s been few months in the making, we’re so happy to finally announce the birth of MINIMUM, a record label specialising in video games OSTs. Check the luscious vinyl editions for our first releases.



Black Wire Music is an independent and collaborative publisher, label and music production company. We work with intriguing new bands and songwriters, and a bunch of great composers.

We are now developing a little, yet precious roster of very exciting new acts. Please, check back on us later on to see what’s brewing!

Black Wire is a founding member of BritSync

Minco Eggersman ‘Kavkasia’

We’re honoured to be representing the work of Dutch composer Minco Eggersman. His latest work “Kavkasia” is out now on Volkoren.
“Kavkasia” was born from a four-wheel drive trip that Eggersman and his wife took into Georgia. The resulting music on this album is stunningly beautiful and perfectly reflects the search for beauty, fortitude and rest, deep into the Caucasian mountains. The rugged, broken landscape, in which each sound and every impression pervades one’s very pores, landed him a mixture of humility and comfort.

Visit Minco Eggerman’s website to learn more

Buy Kavkasia through VOLKOREN

cover KAVKASIA 3000x3000

DaDa release dates announced

London-based rock trio DaDa set to release their debut single ‘Black Horse’ on May, 27 on Black Wire, followed by their debut EP ‘The Pigeon Conspiracy’ on July, 8.


Previews of the single to be announced soon. Oh yeah, this rocks.They’ll also be on the road soon, don’t miss the chance to see them live, check back soon for details.

Love all

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